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Purpose, Goals and Philosophy of Briggsdale Preschool


Welcome to Briggsdale Preschool.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with the preschool children in the Briggsdale area.

This organization is a nonprofit, interracial, and nonpolitical institution.  Weld County RE10J-Briggsdale School District is the supervising entity for the Briggsdale Preschool.

The purpose of the preschool program at Briggsdale Preschool is to provide a developmental early childhood education program in accordance with the standards set by the Colorado Department of Human Services and the Colorado Department of Education through the Colorado Preschool Program.  The goals for this program are:

For the Child:

  • To provide opportunities to constructively and freely use a variety of materials appropriate for the student’s age.
  • To enhance his/her physical and intellectual development.
  • To provide opportunities to play happily with other children in a group.
  • To learn to trust adults other than his/her own family members in a new environment.
  • To develop intellectual curiosity.
  • To participate in a planned program which promotes good health by including rest, nutritious snacks, and outdoor play.

For the Families:

To provide opportunities to meet and work with other families and teachers who have, as their common concern, the interests and needs of the preschool child.

For the Community:

  • To help meet the needs of the community for an early childhood education facility.
  • To contribute to the wholesome growth and development of the future of the community.
  • To provide a setting where people of various social, religious, and ethnic backgrounds work together for a common interest.
  • Each child is encouraged to progress at his/her own developmental rate toward enriched learning experiences, self-discipline, and the ability to make choices.  A teacher’s function is to help each child become self-confident, develop an eagerness to learn, and to know they are unique and special.

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